EFS Film School

Welcome to EFS Film School, a dynamic academy and school for aspiring and established filmmakers, alternative artists and creative individuals. We are a unique entity that embodies the idiosyncratic spirit of experimental filmmaking, championing the exploratory nature of personal, intuitive, lyrical and poetic Cinema. EFS Film School is deeply rooted in the philosophy and vision of its founder, the veteran filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi.

Course Title: Experimental and Personal Filmmaking

A five-day consecutive course.

Course Title: Theories of Personal Experimental Filmmaking

A six-week online course.

Teaching Methods

Learn how Rouzbeh Rashidi will teach the courses.

Course Title: Experimental Filmmaking and Poetic Cinema

A course that spans two months or eight weeks.

Rouzbeh Rashidi offers various services on an international scale, including commissioning, mentorship, private tutoring, and consultancy. Those looking to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise are all welcome to reach out with their inquiries. No location is too far for him to service! He is available both virtually and in person worldwide, giving you full access to his services no matter where you may be located!